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How To Tell If Your Child Needs Emergency Dental Treatment

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When people think of the dentist most of the time, they are remembering routine cleans and check-ups that they have had over the years, and for the large majority of Australians, this is how almost all interactions go with their dentist. However, on occasion, there will be a need for emergency dental treatment, and while it may be easy to know when you, yourself, need that treatment, it can be harder to tell when your children need it. Here are a few signs that your children will give off that let you know they need immediate emergency dental treatment as soon as possible.


Whenever there is an open wound or sore in the mouth, it generally requires some kind of investigation by a professional. If there is blood, then the chances of infection are high and, often, the cause of the blood is something quite painful in itself. From broken teeth that have pierced the surface of the skin to very bad gingivitis that needs proper medical treatment, there are a bunch of ways your children can begin to bleed from the mouth and you will feel better if you are able to get a professional opinion about it all.


One of the main reasons why you would go and see an emergency dental care worker is because of a serious amount of trauma to the mouth that your child has had. Children are notoriously curious and sometimes, this can lead to accidents. There will be time to chastise or talk to them about this incident later, but while they still have broken or loose teeth in their mouth it is time to rush to an emergency dental office that can provide them with the relief they are so badly hoping for. 

Continuous Pain 

When your child tells you they have a problem with their teeth you likely took it upon yourself to book a dental appointment, but if they are constantly asking you when it is and if you can leave sooner, then you really need to listen to their pleas for help. Simple pain killers like paracetamol will not dull something as potentially painful as a tooth that is playing up and pinching a nerve or pushing into the other teeth around it. If your child is in continuous pain listen to them and use an emergency dental care office, that is what they are there for!

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5 October 2022