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Can Clear Aligners Help You with Biting or Crowding Issues?

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Have you been dealing with a dental problem for years and have been looking for a "fix" without success? Sometimes, issues with your dentition can lead to everyday societal challenges over and above problems related to eating. But you may be able to take advantage of a discreet solution that can often remedy issues related to an overbite, underbite or crowding challenge. What should you know about this approach?

Overbite and Underbite

People who suffer from a biting issue may often be self-conscious and tend to withdraw from social situations. If they have a pronounced overbite, for example, the upper front teeth may not connect properly with the lower set, which can lead to pain in the jawbone.

Those who suffer from an underbite find that their bottom teeth sit slightly in front of their upper teeth. This scenario can make it hard to chew food correctly and sometimes make it difficult to talk clearly. The bottom teeth may wear down very quickly with this condition as well.


Other people may have too many teeth or find that they are too crowded, which may cause an overlap or gaps in areas where they shouldn't be. Again, this can be disconcerting, and the sufferer may find it hard to smile or laugh without feeling embarrassed.

The Challenge

These are just some of the issues that people face, which may have been hard to treat in the past. They may have been advised to use conventional braces but may not have been ready to do so but may now be able to take advantage of a much less obvious option.

Clear Aligners

If you're in this position, talk with your dentist about a set of clear aligners. Unlike traditional braces, these do not come with a network of brackets and wires and few of the associated restrictions. They are made from a special type of flexible plastic designed for your specific situation.

Your dentist will come up with a plan to show you how these aligners can help to reposition your teeth. When you wear them, the aligners will apply a certain amount of force over a period of time, and the dentist will monitor progress as time unfolds.


You'll be pleased to hear that these clear aligners are removable, so you can remove them when it's time to eat or drink and then put them back after that.

Your Next Move

Of course, each case is different, and you will need to discuss everything with your dentist. They may suggest clear aligners, such as Invisalign, as your path forward.


11 March 2022