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What to Consider When Choosing Between a Hard and Soft Denture Reline

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Dentures usually last about seven to ten years. But during that time, denture wearers usually need to have their dentures relined. While dentures fit well in the beginning, over time, as the shape of your mouth changes due to gum loss, that fit will gradually change. Eventually, your dentures will become too loose to wear comfortably. At this point, you'll need a denture reline.

But you may have heard that there are two types of denture reline: a soft reline and a hard reline. Before you choose between these two types, consider the differences between the two types.

Comfort level

Soft relines tend to be more popular than hard relines because they are more comfortable. A soft denture reline uses a soft material that is porous. A hard reline is made of acrylic, the same material used for most denture bases.

If you have naturally sensitive gums and develop sores easily, a soft reline will be more comfortable for you.

Time spent to create

One advantage that soft denture relines have over hard denture relines is that they can often be completed in one dental appointment. However, while not always the case, hard relines often take place in a dental laboratory, not the dental office. Because of that, hard denture relines sometimes take longer than softer relines to complete.

Since hard relines may deprive you of your denture temporarily, you need to prepare to be without your denture for a while if you choose a hard reline. However, you may be able to find a denturist that can complete your hard reline within a day.

Longevity of the reline

Hard denture relines last longer than soft denture relines do. On average, you can expect a hard denture reline to last two or more years. Soft denture relines usually last about one to two years.

If you don't have the time or the resources to visit your denturist often to have your dentures relined, then a hard reline might be right for you.


Hard denture relines typically cost slightly more than soft denture relines do. This is because the process to create a hard denture reline is more involved than the process to create a soft reline.

No matter what reline you choose, remember that a denture reline can prolong the life of your dentures. If your dentures don't fit as well as they once did, don't put off the relining process. The more often you reline your dentures, the longer your dentures will last.


20 July 2021