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Serious Denture Damage: Will You Have to Be Toothless While Repairs Take Place?

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If you break a tooth, you obviously have to be there when your dentist performs the necessary repairs. It's not as though you can drop the tooth off and then pop back a few days later to pick it up. It's different when your teeth are detachable. When your dentures are seriously damaged and need urgent repairs, what are your options? It's not as though you can live without your dentures for too long. 

The Level of Damage

The main consideration for the length of time that the repairs will take is the level of damage. When one of the prosthetic teeth has become loose, this won't take much time at all, and the procedure can even be performed while you wait. Other forms of damage, such as a cracked denture plate, won't necessarily be performed on the premises, and your dentures might need to be sent away for repairs.

Emergency Repairs

Find a denture repair clinic that offers emergency denture repairs, which means that you won't have to get by without your teeth. This form of repair can be a band-aid solution, and it's not quite going to restore your dentures to their pre-damaged condition. The various components can be reattached and bonded back into position, immediately returning your dentures to a wearable state, but this level of repair is not comparable to the comprehensive overhaul that would have otherwise been suggested.

A Stopgap Measure

This doesn't mean that you're going to simply be waiting for your dentures to break once again. View an emergency repair as a stopgap measure. Your dentures are compromised, but with care, they will last until a replacement set has been fabricated because this might be your only option. The necessary measurements can be taken during the repair session so that the new set can be made to reflect the precise contours of your mouth. Treat your repaired dentures with care, but acknowledge that they're coming to the end of their service. When the replacement dentures are being arranged, you should consider requesting a second set so that you're never in the same awkward position again. 

Broken dentures are nothing short of a catastrophe, but it's unthinkable for you to be without them while repairs are being performed. Although a replacement set is generally the best option, emergency repairs to your damaged set can render them useable again, even if it's only temporary.

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23 December 2020