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Why do I have a cavity on the side of my molar?

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Cavities are the most common dental health issue in the country. People who indulge in a high sugar and starch diet, and also have poor oral hygiene are the most susceptible to the development of cavities. Typically, cavities start developing from the top of the crown, because it is the surface that is used for grinding food, and therefore retains the most food particles. However, there are circumstances which can lead to the development of cavities on other parts of the tooth. Here are conditions which can lead to the development of holes on the side of the tooth.

Removal of an adjacent tooth

If you recently had a tooth removed due to decay or other reason, and you haven't gotten the gaping space filled with another tooth, the exposed tooth surface could develop a cavity. When teeth are stuck together, the space between them is limited and will not hold large food particles. However, when the area is exposed, food will get stuck, leading to the formation of plaque, which is acted on by bacteria. The resulting acid starts wearing off the enamel on the side of the tooth and soon you have a side cavity.

Poor dental hygiene

Tooth enamel is usually thickest on the side of the tooth. If you have a cavity here, it means that it has been growing for a very long time, and that you have neglected your oral hygiene for a long time. Dentists recommend brushing of the teeth after meals and regular flossing to remove any food particles stuck between the teeth.

Poor nutrition and fluoride deficiency

People whose diets lack enough fluoride are more susceptible to tooth decay. Fluoride plays a very important role in strengthening the enamel and preventing its corrosion. Poor eating habits such as excessive snacking in foods that are high in starch and sugar could also be the reason why you have developed cavities on the side of the tooth.

Cavities on the side of the tooth are tricky to deal with, especially when they occur between the teeth. However, if the tooth is exposed as in the case where you lost the adjacent tooth, accessing and filling the cavity will be simple. The best way to deal with the cavity is contacting a competent dentist for an exam. The extent of the cavity will help the dentist determine if you just need a fluoride supplement, a filling or a new crown.  


16 January 2018