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The White Diet: What Not to Eat After a Professional Teeth Whitening Procedure

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Have you heard a story about someone whose teeth turned green after drinking green beer at a local Irish pub? Or the lady whose teeth turned purple after consuming red wine hours after undergoing a tooth whitening procedure?

Your teeth can be susceptible to staining, especially after undergoing teeth whitening procedure and while you may happen to fancy green and purple, these are not colours that do your smile justice.

White is the desired dental colour, and it's in your best interest to make sure you maintain the brighter white smile you now possess. Here are some foods and drinks to avoid in the days immediately following a teeth whitening session.

Acidic foods

Teeth whitening leaves your teeth with temporary sensitivity and gum irritation. Eating acidic foods such as oranges, limes, lemons, vinegar and soft drinks can lead to pain and discomfort due to the increased acidity in your saliva.

Acidic foods can damage areas of your teeth already weakened by bleaching agents used in professional teeth whitening procedures.

Red wine

Drinking red wine defeats your efforts to maintain a bright smile. Not only does red wine stain your teeth after a whitening procedure but is also a leading cause of tooth staining in the first place. Coloured alcohol has an adverse effect in blocking the success of the teeth whitening process.

It's best to avoid a glass or red wine as long as possible to preserve the effects of teeth whitening. If you must drink a glass of wine, consider using a straw to avoid staining your teeth.

Coffee and tea

Do you love your morning cup of coffee or tea? Unfortunately, not only does coffee stain your teeth but the caffeine found in coffee dries up your mouth, inviting in bacteria.

Remember the stains on your coffee mug? Coffee may even be the reason you needed your teeth whitened in the first place.  Adding flavourings such as sugar and syrups will only aggravate the staining.

Also, tea, especially black tea has high levels of tannin that end up staining your teeth. If you can't simply resist your morning cup of coffee or tea, its best to use a straw and drink water afterward.

Dark sauces

In addition to tasting delicious, dark sauces such as dark gravies, soy sauce, tomato sauce and dark stews can ruin a newly whitened smile.

You don't need to cut out your sauces completely after teeth whitening, just make sure to avoid them for the first week after your whitening procedure.


16 October 2017