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Misconceptions About Tooth Whitening and Other Cosmetic Dental Procedures

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If you're teeth are very yellow or otherwise discoloured, or a few of them are slightly crooked or improperly sized, you don't need to live with an unsightly smile for the rest of your life. There are many things that can be done to improve the appearance of teeth, quickly and easily, and very affordably. Note a few misconceptions you might have about cosmetic dental procedures so you can better understand your options for taking care of your teeth and for improving your overall smile, and then discuss your options with a dentist as needed.

Cosmetic fixes and permanency

It's true that you can lose a cap or crown due to an impact or injury, or that bleached teeth may eventually yellow once again, but the same is true of your natural teeth! An impact, such as from a car accident or fall, can chip a real tooth or even knock it out completely, and your own natural teeth will usually just continue to get more and more dingy with age. Cosmetic fixes are typically meant to last for many years, so you shouldn't worry about losing a crown or having the bleach that's applied to teeth somehow "wear off" quickly, but you should be happy with your results for many years to come.

Cosmetic fixes and discomfort

Some cosmetic fixes may be a bit uncomfortable; for example, if you use a tray to straighten your teeth over time, you might feel some soreness in your jaw as teeth are nudged into place. A dentist may need to drill down a tooth just slightly, in order to fit a cap or crown over it. However, for the most part, cosmetic fixes are quick and painless and don't involve actual surgery; you also shouldn't feel burning from a tooth bleaching or whitening, and such procedures should rarely, if ever, require healing or recuperation time.

Cosmetic fixes and damage to teeth

If you need a cap or crown to cover cavities or holes in the teeth, then the teeth are already damaged, and the cap will actually protect them. Adding bonding or caps to cover misaligned teeth can also protect them from damage, as crooked teeth are prone to extra wear, or may be harder to clean. The substances that dentists use to bleach teeth are also very safe and won't cause erosion or wear; your dentist can even just paint your teeth, if they're very stained or discoloured and would need several bleaching sessions to become white again.


18 July 2017