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Implant Dentures: The Perfect Alternative to Traditional Dentures

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If wearing traditional dentures makes you feel self conscious, you may want to choose implant dentures instead. False teeth can be cumbersome, a hassle to look after and can even cause pain if they are a bad fit. With implant dentures, you no longer need to worry about dentures falling out or staying in place. There are no adhesives to fiddle with every morning and no telltale glass by the side of the bed. 

Getting Implant Dentures Is Easy

Getting new implant dentures is actually a very simple process. It all starts with your dentist taking an x-ray of your jawbone to determine whether you are a good candidate for implant dentures. The dentist will also need to take measurements from your teeth to ensure a perfect fit. This is a quick process that takes about the same length of time as filling a tooth. You will then return to have anchors and new dentures fitted. This all takes place on the same day. The dentist may also be able to use your existing dentures and simply fit these over the anchors. This could save you time and money and is a good solution if you have recently purchased new dentures. 

A New Lease Of Life

Implant dentures really are a delight, especially if you have suffered with uncomfortable or troublesome traditional dentures in the past. With your new dentures in place, you'll find chewing food much easier, and you'll be able to taste it better too, as you will no longer have a denture plate covering the roof of your mouth. You also won't have to suffer the taste of denture adhesive as none is required with implant dentures. 

If you suffered from bad breath in the past, a common problem with false teeth, implant dentures also eliminate this problem. The mini implants keep false teeth in place so that food and bacteria can no longer build up. That means no embarrassment and no need to avoid speaking to people up close. 

If you are finding traditional dentures difficult to manage, uncomfortable or painful, denture implants could be the perfect solution for you. They are easy to have fitted, easy to care for and will give you more confidence when eating, talking and smiling. Your dentist will be able to give you advice on the best way forward and whether you are a good candidate for these dental implants. 


11 July 2017