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Smile Makeovers: All About Their Aesthetic Components in Dental Procedures

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Simple as it is, your smile is one of the most expressive things you carry with you every day. It can tell people about your mood and confidence level. Having a bad feeling about your smile can dent your confidence and self-esteem, changing the way people perceive you. Thankfully, you can have a smile makeover from a cosmetic dentist and get your confidence groove back on track. The dentist will perform several aesthetic procedures to redeem the looks of your teeth, alongside other related features. Here are some of the aesthetic aspects of a smile makeover:

Smile Line

Essentially, a smile line refers to a fictional line following the edges of the upper teeth from one side to another. This fictional line has to resemble the curve formed by your lower lip whenever you smile. It is used to gauge if a smile is symmetrical with respect to the size, alignment and arrangement of the teeth. On that note, the smile line acts as a standard reference point for determining how long your teeth should be and how they should be aligned on the gum line.

Characterisation and Tooth Texturing

The differences between male and feminine features extend well beyond the obvious physical features to fine features such as the characterisation and texture of the teeth. This is actually one of the aesthetic components of a smile makeover during cosmetic surgery. Here, the dentist uses his or her artistic skills to texturise your teeth's veneers and crowns so that they can give a masculine or feminine appearance. In this way, the crowns and veneers feel more natural to a man or woman's smile.

Lengthening of the Teeth

The length of the teeth is another aesthetic component of a smile makeover. Due to regular use, teeth tend to shorten as the years go by. Tooth and gum disorders can eat away the enamel and make your teeth appear shorter than normal. Lengthening can be done to enhance the appearance of your teeth. In most cases, the procedure involves the addition of veneers and composite bonding products to the front teeth. Laser dentistry procedures can also be used to cut back an invasive gum line interfering with your smile. Ideally, teeth lengthening makes your face and smile appear more youthful by giving the impression that teeth haven't been subjected to extensive wearing.

Proportioning of the Teeth

Teeth must also be in the right proportion if your smile is to appear well. The front teeth must be dominant followed by slightly thinner incisors and so on. If this is not the case, bonding products are used to achieve the right tooth-to-tooth ratio. Surgery can also be used to correct and remove overbites and underbites.


10 July 2017