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When To Call An Emergency Dentist

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If you have ever needed to call upon the services of an emergency dentist you will understand the important role they play. Toothache is not only very painful, but can be very worrying if you are not sure why you are experiencing it. Having a good dentist to call on in these situations can give you peace of mind and also access to effective pain relief and treatment. 

Situations When You Might Need An Emergency Dentist

There are many reasons why you might contact an emergency dentist, but the most common include chipped or broken teeth. You may also experience a tooth being knocked out completely, in which case you will need to see a dentist as a matter or urgency. You may also want to see a dentist urgently if you are experiencing excruciating pain that cannot be relieved by conventional means or medicines. 

How An Emergency Dentist Can Help

When a tooth becomes broken or chipped, the dentist will need to assess whether the problem is aesthetic or requires more serious treatment. Aesthetic treatments can be solved using a number of options, including crowns, veneers or fillings. More serious problems could include jaw trauma or damage to the roots or gums. 

Problems that cause immense pain such as an abscess, bad tooth or wisdom teeth issues can usually be relieved with strong painkillers in the first instance. You can then book a follow-up appointment at which the problem can be assessed during normal working hours. 

When Not To Call An Emergency Dentist

Emergency dentists can be very expensive, and so it is worth knowing when not to call out an emergency dentist as much as it is worth knowing when to call one. Pain will usually be the defining factor, but if you think your appointment can wait then it probably can. Emergency dentists will usually be available 24 hours a day and will first assess your problem over the phone before deciding whether to call you in for a further assessment. They will also check over your existing dental history to find out more about your case so they are primed and ready to deal with your problem the moment you enter the surgery. 

By following good oral hygiene and ensuring you arrange to visit your dentist at least twice a year you can help to avoid emergency visits and ensure your teeth and gums remain in excellent condition. 


6 July 2017