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Tips to Ensure Effective Teeth Straightening for Children Wearing Dental Braces

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If your family dentist has determined that your young one will need dental braces to help straighten their teeth, you might be wondering about how you, a concerned parent, can help them cope with life wearing braces. Maintaining good oral hygiene is critical to ensuring that children wearing braces maintain good oral health. But most children do need some help to do that, of course. 

Here are some critical oral care tips you should follow to help your child maintain good dental health when they are putting on braces.

Proper brushing 

One of the most important oral hygiene care habits that you should instill in your children is the regular and effective brushing of the teeth. Generally speaking, children with braces should brush after every meal and before going to bed at night, or as recommended by their orthodontist. Why is regular and effective teeth brushing critical to ensuring good dental health?

Regular and effective teeth brushing is required to remove food particles that are usually left on the teeth and gums whenever children eat something. If the teeth are not brushed regularly, the food particles can result in a buildup of plaque and tartar, which can lead to foul breath and even contribute to dental disease.

Children wearing dental braces tend to accumulate more plaque and tartar than those without braces. This is because food particles get trapped on the teeth and gums as well as on the braces. As a loving parent, you should take the time to teach your young one on how to effectively brush their teeth. Supervise them initially until you are convinced that they are good to go. In addition, make sure to equip them with the right teeth brushing tools — there are toothbrushes and toothpaste specially designed for children. 

Proper dieting

For children wearing braces, it is important to maintain a healthy diet. But there must be dietary restrictions so as to avoid further dental issues. Generally speaking, it is advisable for children with braces to keep off hard, sticky and tacky foods. Hard foods like groundnuts and whole apples may dent or damage the brackets on the braces, whereas sticky and tacky foods like chewing gum and peanut butter may get stuck on the braces. It is also best to avoid beverages that may stain your teeth, like black tea and coffee.

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18 June 2017