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Five Reasons to Consider Laser Teeth Cleaning Over the Traditional Method

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Cosmetic dentistry includes all kinds of procedures that can help make your smile beautiful, but in many cases, you may just want to start with a cleaning. You no longer have to get plaque manually scraped off your teeth. Many cosmetic dentists now offer laser teeth cleaning.

Wondering about the benefits? Take a look at this list:

1. Faster

In most cases, laser teeth cleaning is faster than the traditional approach. That gets you out of the dental chair and back to your life sooner. In some cases, faster treatments can even result in lower fees.

2. Gentler

Lasers may make you think of high-paced action films set in space, but in reality, lasers aren't about space warfare. They can be pretty gentle. Most patients find laser cleaning much more gentle than using metal tools. If you have decay or gum sensitivity, you may prefer a laser cleaning as it can gently work around those areas without accidentally touching them or causing pain.

3. More Thorough Cleaning

If someone has a lot of plaque build-up on their teeth, it can take a long time to "scrape" it all off. That can often lead to discomfort, and some patients may even end the cleaning before it should be done. In contrast, when you use laser teeth cleaning, it's gentler and faster, and as a result, your teeth get a more thorough cleaning, and it's never tempting to leave the chair.

4. More Effective

Some cosmetic dentists even find laser cleaning to be more effective. The lasers can reach nooks and crannies that can be hard to reach manually with metal tools that don't bend. That also gives your teeth the thorough cleaning they need.

For instance, if you have plaque on the back of your lower bottom teeth, that can be a hard spot to reach. Also, if your gums have receded, a bit of the nerve may be exposed, and that can make the area sensitive to cleaning. Using a metal tool makes that area hard to reach, and that can increase your discomfort.

5. Great Introduction to Laser Dentistry

If you enjoy the laser cleaning, that can be a great introduction to all kinds of cosmetic and general dentistry work with lasers. Ultimately, you may decide to take the laser route with everything from filling cavities to treating gum disease.

To learn more about laser teeth cleaning or other options for beautifying your smile, contact a company that offers cosmetic dentistry services today.


15 June 2017