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How the Latest Technology Helps a Dentist to Deal With Periodontitis

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As time has passed, technology has transformed a dentist's office, and these experts are now even better equipped to deal with everyday problems. Some of these advances allow the dentist to treat gum disease and periodontal issues very effectively, and if you're worried about such problems, you will be interested in the latest news. So, what technologies can the dentist now apply to help you overcome your current challenges?

How to Deal With Gum Disease

As you may know, gum disease can progress in stages. For example, it may first affect the gum tissue before moving on to the supporting bone structure. If left unchecked, this can lead to the loss of teeth and considerable discomfort.

Today, a dentist can use several cutting-edge technologies to help treat the issue without needing surgery. Clearly, this is advantageous for those who would rather not opt for surgical work or may not be a good candidate for it in any case.

Panoramic X-Rays   

Before work gets underway, the dentist can now generate a panoramic x-ray using state-of-the-art equipment. These are far more beneficial than the older style x-rays and can produce a 360° rendition. As a result, the dentist can now get a much clearer picture of your condition so they can plan the treatment more precisely.

Flexible Camera

The dentist can also use a tiny camera attached to a flexible wire that can be manoeuvred into the mouth, producing a live feed on an adjacent monitor. As a patient, you'll also be able to see this monitor if necessary, so the dentist can explain what's going on and what they need to do.

Laser Technology

When it comes to treatment, laser technology has certainly advanced in recent years. Now, the dentist may be able to use a tiny laser device that can kill off the disease-causing bacteria below the gum line. It's able to penetrate those troublesome pockets that can sometimes develop between the gums and the teeth. In the past, this type of work would require a certain amount of surgery instead.

Ultrasound Device

The dentist can also use ultrasound to treat the gums with a special cleaning device that will break apart the stubborn tartar and plaque. As this tool vibrates, it will also emit a thin stream of water. As the cleaning takes place, any tartar, plaque and bacteria will be sucked out instead.

Make Your Appointment

So, if you're worried about gum disease and periodontitis, get in touch with your dentist as soon as possible. They'll explain your options and also discuss the latest technology available to help.

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23 January 2023