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Five Signs Your Toothache Requires Emergency Dental Intervention

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Nobody likes dealing with a toothache, but at what point does this dental issue move from being an annoyance to one which requires medical attention? When you begin to experience dental discomfort, remember these five signs so you can seek emergency medical attention as it becomes necessary.

Not Responsive To Over-The-Counter Pain Medications

The first action for treating a toothache is over-the-counter pain medications. Dentists recommend taking a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) for toothache because it reduces pain and has inflammation-reducing properties. However, pain relief may not be immediate or even on the same day. If you are still in pain after 24 hours, you need emergency dental assistance.

Bleeding Gums

A toothache accompanied by bleeding gums indicates severe gum disease. As a general rule, gum disease is not classed as an emergency and may wait for a weekday trip to your regular dentist. However, if the gums continually bleed, they appear red and swollen, and you experience intense discomfort, then you likely have an infection that needs immediate antibiotic attention.

Jaw Swelling

A toothache accompanied by a swollen jaw is uncomfortable and a dental emergency of great concern. Once a toothache affects the jaw, this is a strong indicator that an oral infection has begun to spread. The cause for concern is whether the condition will travel beyond the jaw towards organs such as your brain. Again, immediate antibiotic attention is required to stop the progression of the infection to other parts of the body.

Weird Taste In Mouth

Another sign that a toothache has entered the infection stage is when you notice a weird taste in your mouth. The odd taste may have a sour tinge to it, and you may experience bad breath too. Grossly, you may also notice pus around the gumline. This set of symptoms is another emergency condition that requires the introduction of antibiotics to your system sooner rather than later.

Tooth Damage

If the cause of your toothache is an accident, such as a sports injury or impact from a fall, then emergency dental help is needed. You must not wait because tooth nerves may die when the damage is left untreated, and that is a permanent situation you must avoid.

Now you know the five signs your toothache requires emergency dental intervention, you are more confident in knowing exactly when to pick up the phone to make an appointment outside regular dental office hours. Call a dentist if you have a toothache


21 January 2022