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3 Home Remedies to Whiten Your Teeth

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Professional teeth whitening treatment is expensive. Fortunately, there are home remedies to whiten your teeth. Here are three easy home remedies.

Change Your Diet

The first step towards whitening your teeth at home is by changing your diet. Eliminate any food or drinks that could be discolouring your teeth, like wine, tea, juices, dark sodas, or any edible containing tannins. Additionally, avoid eating highly acidic foods. Acid wears down and corrodes the enamel, leaving teeth looking yellow. Therefore, reduce your consumption of citrus and soda. Additionally, always brush after eating acidic foods. However, wait for a few minutes before brushing to prevent hurting the enamel.

Tobacco products also cause teeth discolouration due to nicotine stains. Quit smoking and using products with nicotine. Tobacco also causes gum disease and tooth decay. Therefore, besides avoiding it for teeth-whitening purposes, doing away with tobacco will help your oral health.

Frequently Brush Your Teeth

Poor brushing habits could cause tooth discolouration. Therefore, ensure you brush at least twice, in the morning and before bed. You can use baking soda to brush since it has teeth-whitening elements. Thus, it can remove stains. It is mildly abrasive and safe to use.

Alternatively, you can use hydrogen peroxide when brushing. Other than acting as an antibacterial, it acts as a natural bleaching agent. If possible, you can form a paste using a few teaspoons of baking soda combined with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide. Use the paste a few times a day. Both ingredients are safe. However, you should consult your dentist before using it.

Eat Healthily

A healthy diet will help with teeth whitening. Focus on eating healthy meals with fruits as they help remove plaque on teeth. Nevertheless, you shouldn't consider eating fruits as a substitute for brushing. You should always follow your brushing routine.

The two main fruits you should eat are strawberries and pineapples. Strawberries have malic acid, an acid that helps remove discolouration from teeth. Thus, eating them will help your teeth become whiter. On the other hand, pineapples contain a bromelain enzyme that is effective in getting rid of stains. Thus, it helps with teeth whitening.

Consult a Dentist

Have you tried the above remedies, but none seems to be working? If your teeth continue becoming yellow, consider seeking professional services. Natural teeth whitening could take a considerably long time to work. Therefore, consider seeking professional teeth whitening treatment for an effective and fast whitening solution. Visit a cosmetic dentistry to learn more. 


29 November 2021