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Hey! I'm Frankie, and welcome to my dental advice blog. I'm a foodie and I love sweet treats, but I also love my teeth! It can be hard to keep your dental health in top condition when you've got a sweet tooth, but it's not impossible. Over the years, I've learned tons of great advice from friends, family members and dentists, and I'd love to share it with you. My blog is here to give you all the tips and tricks you need to stay free of decay and other tooth problems without giving up all your favourite foods and snacks.

Why You Might Want To Get Your Dentures Relined Before Summer

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When most people think about preparing for summer they think about getting their lawn taken care of or perhaps changing out the filters in their air conditioning. What you probably don't think about, but should, is getting your dentures relined. This is a very simple process that just adjusts the interior shape of your dentures so that they are more comfortable for you and fit better, and doing it now, before the heat of summer arrives, is the best possible time. If you have been putting off getting your dentures relined for a while, here is why you should consider it more strongly now.

Summer Brings With It More Cold Drinks

Having poorly fitting dentures means that you will get a lot more liquid in the gaps when you drink, which is bad enough during winter but when summer rolls around it gets much worse. Icy cold drinks might quench a parched mouth, but they will be painful for your more exposed nerves and gums. Getting your dentures relined so that they have a more perfect seal and keep out all of these stinging drops of freezing cold water is an absolute must, or you will just have to stick to drinking lukewarm water for the rest of the year.

Holiday Foods Can Be Painful

With the Christmas holidays approaching, you will end up eating a lot more snacks that can be painful for loose dentures than you normally might. From fruit cake to candied nuts, jelly lollies to thick cuts of meat, everything you normally would enjoy on a holiday will become a constant reminder that your teeth aren't fitting properly. If you just want to enjoy your time off and rip into some of the many delightful treats that await you at all the different functions, events, gatherings and picnics, then get your dentures fixed now.

Enjoy Your Time With Family With No Worries

There is no worse feeling than being self-conscious when with the people you most love and cherish during the holiday period. While you know they wouldn't care if you did have poor teeth, it can be hard to separate that knowledge from your emotions. Don't let this cloud hang over your head when you should be enjoying your time together. Let your smile be seen by everyone who you choose to spend this happy time with with your new and improved dentures. For more information about dentures, contact a dentist.


7 October 2021