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Child Dental Injuries and How to Go About Them

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Children are prone to accidents as they play either in your house or outside. You need to be informed on how to effectively handle these injuries especially dental injuries to prevent long-lasting damage. Note common mouth injuries your child may get and how to remedy them.

Cracked, Chipped, Broken, Loosened or Knocked-Out Tooth

When you hear your child cry out after hitting himself or herself, you may panic and run to check on the problem. The sight of blood from your child's mouth can be worrisome, but you need to calm down so that you can give your child quick first aid and if required, rush to the emergency dentist.

When your child hits his or her tooth, five visible things can happen to the tooth. It can get chipped, cracked, broken, loosened or knocked-out. A sixth thing that can happen, which is not visible, is an internal injury. The injury can be cracks located inside the tooth or the roots hidden by the gum. Give a quick inspection of the damage and identify which of the above has happened. Some of these injuries may seem not that serious. For example, small chips or cracks may not seem that bad, but in the long run, they can cause damage. Others will outright give you a sense of severity, for instance, broken, loosened or knocked out teeth.

Call the dentist and inform them of what has happened and what you have inspected. He or she will tell you what you need to do before getting to the dentist's clinic. To be safe, it is essential to know what first aid you need to give; you never know whether your call will be answered as fast as you want it to be. A lightly chipped or cracked tooth may not be that serious. You can calm your child down and phone the dentist to book an appointment so that he or she can assess the extent of the damage while checking for internal damages that are not visible.

A large chip, break, crack, loosened or knocked-out tooth can be crucial especially if you notice some pink colour (nerves) or blood. If the tooth is broken or knocked out, you need to collect the broken pieces put them in water or milk and carry them to the dentist. Call the dentist as you prepare to take your child to the clinic so that he or he is ready for you.

Bitten Cheeks or Lips

At times an injury to the teeth can also cause injury to the lips or cheeks. You can rinse this area with warm, salty water before visiting the emergency dentist.


8 December 2018