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A Chip off the Wrong Block: How Serious Is a Chipped Tooth?

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Chipping your tooth might feel unpleasant and, when the result is obvious, can also look unpleasant. Whether it was an unavoidable accident or an avoidable accident (such as trying to open a bottle or container with your teeth), the chip might end up being an issue that is not particularly serious. Ideally your dentist will examine the damage and inform you that you could simply live with the chipped tooth if it hasn't caused damage that will compromise your overall dental health. But what about when the issue might be somewhat more serious? And what about if you have serious reservations about the way the chipped tooth looks?

Your Dental Enamel

The severity of the chip depends on how much of your enamel has been removed. The enamel is the heavily mineralised compound that forms the exterior of your teeth, and compromised enamel (when the underlying dentin has been exposed) can make your teeth more susceptible to decay. When the enamel has been diminished but there's still a sufficient layer remaining to protect the tooth, this is when your dentist might give you the option for leaving the chipped tooth as is. But this is not always going to be the case.

Serious Damage

It's vital that the issue is examined by a dentist. If the tooth was not in the best shape to begin with, this could in fact explain why it chipped. The tooth might have been affected by periodontal disease and general degradation without you necessarily being aware of it. If the tooth was damaged to begin with and a significant amount of enamel was lost, a dental crown might be necessary. This is a straightforward branch of cosmetic dentistry and involves the tooth being encased in a specially fabricated porcelain crown. This keeps the tooth intact and useable, covering both the chip, the depleted enamel, and any other damage that might be present.

Dental Contouring

When the damage doesn't require a dental crown but you still wish to have the chip repaired, dental contouring might be possible. This is when your dentist uses a small handheld buffing tool to even up the tooth, essentially sanding a minor chip away. It doesn't take much time and can easily even up a chipped tooth.

Though inconvenient, a chipped tooth is not always a serious issue. And yet, you won't know the best way to fix the problem until you visit your dentist.


23 May 2018