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Why Wisdom Tooth Removal Should Be At the Top of Your Christmas Wish List

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Christmas is a time of rest, relaxation, fun, and spending time with family. And nobody wants anything to mess with that--like having surgery during the holidays, for example. Because of that, you'd have to be crazy to voluntarily schedule a surgical procedure over the Christmas period, right?

Well, perhaps not. If your dentist has recommended you schedule your wisdom teeth removal, or you've begun to experience symptoms that suggest it will be necessary, you might be tempted to put it off until sometime in the new year. But there are some very compelling reasons why Christmas is the best time to get it over with.

Time to recover

Around Christmas, you most likely have some time off work, school or university. That means you can take it easy while you recover, and there's no pressure to get back into things quickly.

Since the festive season is usually a pretty relaxed time of year, you're more likely to make a fast, successful recovery after your wisdom teeth are removed.

Avoiding unexpected problems

You might feel as though recovering from wisdom teeth surgery could ruin Christmas. However, there's something that will ruin it even more: the pain and problems caused by unhealthy wisdom teeth that are left in the mouth.

If problems develop or worsen during Christmas, you could be in for some serious pain, or even needing urgent medical attention. Having those troublesome teeth removed is a far better option than risking leaving them until later.

Potentially more appointments

If wisdom tooth removal over Christmas doesn't sound like much fun to you, you're not alone. That can work in your favour since it means there are likely to be more appointments available for the surgery. This makes it easier to fit it in around your schedule and plan it to suit you.

More people to look after you

Since Christmas means there are probably lots of friends and family members around, you can be sure there will be someone to keep an eye on you after your surgery. If you're feeling sorry for yourself, you can make sure everyone knows about it and they'll help you with whatever you need.

Start the new year off right

The new year is a time of new beginnings, and it's not very nice to have anything hanging over you. By getting your wisdom teeth removed before the end of the year, you can start fresh without worrying about the treatment to come.


29 November 2017