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5 Benefits of Metal Braces

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There are countless articles online extolling the virtues of ceramic braces or Invisalign retainers, but metal braces are still an option. Wondering about the benefits of metal? Take a look at this list:

1. Metal Braces Tend to Be the Least Expensive Option

In most cases, metal braces are the cheapest option. They tend to be less expensive than more discreet options, and whether you are paying out of pocket or using an insurance policy, that can help you to save. However, you will need to talk with your orthodontist about pricing to find out the exact details.

2. Metal Braces Let You Personalise With Colours

When you opt for metal braces, the braces themselves are a basic metallic colour. However, you can add rubber bands to the braces. The rubber bands get changed on a regular basis when your dentist tightens the wires. These bands give you a great way to personalise your braces. You can choose your favourite colours, the colours of your favourite football team or any other combination that appeals to you.

3. Metal Braces Can Be Better for Crowded Teeth

Metal braces are a bit more durable than ceramic braces or retainers. In particular, they tend to be more effective at correcting overcrowding than other options. Your orthodontist can let you know if they are the best option for your particular issues.

4. Metal Braces Can't Be Lost

If you opt for Invisalign, you actually get clear retainers. You can take those out as needed to enjoy a sticky treat or for special occasions such as a photography session when you don't want anything on your teeth. Although that is convenient in theory, it also increases the chance that you will lose your straightening device.

Because metal braces are permanently affixed to your mouth, there is never a risk of losing them. Ceramic braces are also permanently affixed if you prefer that option.

5. Metal Braces Give You a Classic Look

Some people like to hide their braces, and in those cases, it makes sense to opt for the most discreet option. However, other people prefer to lean into the braces experience, and they want the traditional look of metal braces. For example, many younger children are now getting braces, and they often want to look like teenagers so getting metal braces does that for them. On the other hand, adults or teens may not see the experience as that novel, and by extension, they may want a more discreet option.

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20 July 2017